Rutgers Environmental Science

December 3, 2015
Asian dust particles over the

Environmental Sciences is the interdisciplinary study of natural processes and human impacts in the atmosphere, aquatic systems, and soils. The course of study is built on a foundation of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. All students also complete a series of environmental sciences courses that demonstrate the application of the basic science principles to solution of environmental problems. Specialization in either of the environmental sciences options (environmental sciences or applied environmental sciences) prepares students for careers in environmental consulting, regulatory agencies, industry, legal and science policy professions, and education, and gradute study in related fields. Students seeking further information about the undergraduate Environmental Sciences curriculum, the Environmental Sciences and Engineering Club, Admissions, Scholarships, Cook Housing, and Student Life are invited to explore the links provided to the left. Specific questions may be directed to the Environmental Sciences Curriculum Director:

Dr. Lisa Rodenburg
Department of Environmental Sciences
14 College Farm Road
New Brunswick, NJ
Phone: 848-932-5774

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