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June 19, 2016
How does SENR fit into the
Study Abroad offers a unique opportunity to explore environmentas, cultures, and perspectives different from your own. If you are interested in engaging in experiences that will increase your understanding of the world and set you apart from the crowd, then studying abroad is a great option! Scholarships and financial aid assistance can greatly increase affordability for most students.

By studying abroad, you can gain:

  • A new outlook on the world and yourself
  • An increased understanding of and appreciation for cultures different than your own
  • Global experiences that distinguish you from peers when applying for jobs
  • Academic credit and experiential learning opportunities
  • An adventure with memories that last a lifetime

By studying abroad, you are demonstrating to future employers that:

  • You have an appreciation and respect for other people and cultures
  • You’re willing to step outside the box and take risk
  • You can communicate effectively with people who differ from you
  • You are self-sufficient, flexible and open to new things

Where can I go?
There are many opportunities to study abroad offered through Ohio State. All of these opportunities offer the potential to meet your specific goals, such as studying another language, or fulfill different types of credit depending on the program you choose. The School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) offers several opportunities to explore the natural world and the global community we all live in while earning ENR major-related credit. Your academic advisor will show you how to fit the study abroad program into your curriculum!

With SENR study abroad programs you can:

How do I pay for it?
There are a variety of ways to pay for study abroad. Most programs incur a program fee to cover the expenses of going abroad in addition to Ohio State tuition. A variety of university-level grants are scholarships are available. You can find these funding opportunities here .

All SENR students who are accepted into an SENR or CFAES study abroad program are eligible for a scholarship from the College of Food Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, and can find the general CFAES scholarship application here.

Financial aid can be adjusted, as well. The study abroad coordinator for your program can provide you with a budget letter to take to the Student Financial Aid office in order to adjust your financial aid disbursement.

Source: senr.osu.edu
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Go to Ohio State, CFAES!
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