Careers for Environmental Science Majors

May 2, 2019
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Just want to make it clear, there is also a similar title called Environmental Studies, but what I'm talking about is Environmental Science. So, has anyone gotten a degree in Environmental Science? How do you like it? Was it a good decision you made? I'm just researching about my number one future career choice. If it's bad, I want a good reason why it's a bad choice.

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Thank you for the reply. I don't mind going outside and doing physical work at all. It will be a bonus if I am able to get into the heart of nature. Now some more questions

-Where outside did you go to? Was it just going to some ordinary site to assess it or going into nature like a wildlife park?

-What's a day like in environmental consultation? What do the employers expect and ask from you when you do consultation?

-How much math and what kind of math did you do when you worked? I don't mind doing math but I'm not as strong as others who are majoring in a degree that uses a lot more math like Engineering or Physics. I like to come prepared with the right amount of knowledge and not waste my time on learning math that won't be used in the career

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Environmental Science is still really broad and I think you'd still want to specialize further. Make sure you get a good science and math background, some good naturalist skills (e.g. plant id if you want to be a wetlands biologist), and take all the GIS courses you can.

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Originally Posted by Chemistry_Guy

Be careful with environmental science programs. Some are good, but many are absolute garbage. If the program does not require organic chemistry, genetics, advanced statistics, and involve hands on work with modern analytical instruments, you are just wasting your time. Many schools produce graduates that are unemployable in the field and not ready for graduate work. In other words, don't take a humanities curriculum disguised as science if you expect to work as a scientist.

All of that means virtually nothing in the real world though.

The school I graduated from is ranked #2 in the WORLD for Environmental Sciences. I didn't know that actually I just looked it up. And the degree required O-Chem, Biology, Calc, Physics, all that jazz.

Somebody who graduated with an Environmental Studies degree (soft science option) from the local no-name college could have all of the options I'd have in terms of jobs more or less. And once they got their foot in the door and got the job, we'd be on complete equal footing.

It might matter in applying to phd programs, but I wouldn't know. I did take a grad class in ES while doing my grad studies in something else. I'd say the only thing you need from your undergrad is Chemistry and you can catch up on that pretty quickly.

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Originally Posted by aisaum CSUEB Catalog 2011-2012: Environmental Science - Undergraduate

CSU East Bay is where I'll be transferring to. The link shows the classes I must take. As for the specialization, I looked at the job ads in for Environmental Scientists, and all the employers are looking for someone who knows more about geological/physical science knowledge and skillset. So, I'm picking the Physical Science option. Plus I think it has more class choices and an internship. What are your comments/thoughts?

Looks pretty similar to the curriculum i had while at a UC.

You should be good. Again i emphasize make sure you like being out in the elements and can handle some physical work.

I would also add ... id its possible, major in environmental engineering. It will open a lot more doors for you.

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The only beef I have with Environmental Engineering is the math. I like math but some college professors makes the math incomprehensible and brutal, especially the harder math classes.

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