Careers for Environmental Studies

September 1, 2015
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Global warming, deforestation, and water pollution—major challenges the environment is affected by each day. If you have a love for the outdoors and a desire to protect the oceans, check out these majors in environmental sciences and find the right one for you!

Animal Sciences

Animal sciences is the study of the management and the biology of domestic animals. This major is popular among students who would like to work in agricultural business or in leadership positions on farms or ranches. Many students go on to graduate programs in specific areas of interest. This course of study can be good preparation, for example, for veterinary school, especially for those students more interested in large-animal practice. More than a major just for a person that likes working with animals, animal science is a sophisticated scientific major which requires an advanced level of knowledge in biology and chemistry.

Environmental Science Majors and Potential JobsEducation

Students who major in animal sciences will do so out of the Department of Animal Sciences or perhaps the School of Agriculture at a university. Their course of study will include introductory and advanced work in biology and chemistry, including courses in genetics and reproductive sciences. Students will also take a number of animal science and animal production courses throughout their college years, selecting more specialized classes in the junior and senior years. Given the nature of the major, students are encouraged, if not required, to pursue outside activities in this subject area, either through internships, research projects, livestock judging competitions, or extension work.

Possible careers

• agribusiness
• agricultural supplies manager
• animal production
• extension education
• farm/ranch manager
• international voluntary service

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What Can I Do With an Environmental Studies Major?
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