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November 13, 2021
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The QS World University Ranking is one of several international tools by which to compare universities. ETH Zurich regularly performs very well and is usually ranked the best continental European university. In the most recent QS university ranking, published last September, ETH ranked 12th overall (ETH Life reported). The QS ranking is based on the frequency of publications by the institution, how often research is cited in other research publications and on a reputational survey of 90, 000 academics and employers.

QS Head of Research Ben Sowter has been quoted in various online media: “The Swiss universities have the potential to compete against the world’s best schools in many disciplines. ETH Zurich and EPFL in particular are part of a group of global elite universities.” In addition, he says: “ETH performs excellently in the MINT subjects. This is particularly noteworthy because there is an international concentration of competitors in these disciplines.

In the MINT subjects (mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology), in addition to the top universities in the Anglo-Saxon countries and ETH Zurich, those in Singapore and Japan also perform well. These include the National University of Singapore, where ETH maintains a research centre, Nanyang Technological University (also in Singapore) and the University of Tokyo.

Source: www.ethz.ch
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AP Environmental Science Water Pollution Song "Clean It Up
AP Environmental Science Water Pollution Song "Clean It Up ...
science interviews-water pollution
science interviews-water pollution

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