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May 11, 2017
Borneo Science | ( The Journal
is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen.

The showcases research in the broad field of science and technology (including such disciplines as Agriculture, Biotechnology, Energy Policy, Environmental Studies, Materials Science, and Sustainable Development), with particular respect to Brazil and greater Latin America, but not limited to authorship or topical coverage within the region. The journal explores the dynamics of Research & Development (R&D) under a wide perspective, including not only an emphasis on dissemination of research findings, but also on policy-making and economic growth.

Contributions are expected from senior researchers, project managers, research administrators and PhD students at advanced stages of their research, representing both public organizations and private industry. Similarly, the journal is intended for scholars and students, staff working at research organizations and government agencies, and also for enterprises undertaking applied R&D to drive innovations. The journal provides a unique platform for both contributors and readers since it focuses on the substantial potential of R&D in a rapidly growing region, with implications for other emerging regions around the world.

The editorial contents and elements that comprise the journal include:

• Theoretical articles
• Empirical studies
• Practice-oriented papers
• Case studies
• Review of books and resources
The journal will occasionally produce special issues on state-of-the-art, interdisicplinary themes that are mainstream in Brazil and elsewhere. Consistent with this approach, some potential topics of special issues are:

• Conservation of the Amazon rainforests
• The impacts of Brazilian R&D policies on economic development
• Measuring the effectiveness of investments in research
• Space research
• Renewable energy technologies

As far as the criteria for evaluating and accepting submissions is concerned, a rigorous review process will be used. Submitted papers will, prior to the formal review, be screened so as to ensure their suitability and adequacy to the journal. In addition, an initial quality control will be performed, so as to ensure matters such as language, style of references and others, comply with the journal´s style.

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