Environmental Science quiz questions and answers

January 16, 2018
Quiz: Can You Answer 5th-Grade

What was the title of the book Rachel Carson wrote?

  1. Quiet Days in Clichy
  2. Silent Spring
  3. The Quiet American

Today the world population is about 6 billion people. But how many lived on earth at the time of birth of Christ?

  1. 15 million
  2. 150 million
  3. 1.500 million

Could acid rain be considered to have a...

  1. global impact
  2. regional impact
  3. local impact

Why are some pollutants only acting locally?

  1. They detoxify before long
  2. They are lacking mechanisms for large scale distribution
  3. They are not polluting when diluted

Which was the first National Park in the world?

  1. Yellowstone, USA
  2. Abisko, northern Sweden
  3. Dovre, central Norway

What is an ecological footprint?

  1. The area occupied by an Ecco shoe.
  2. The area for food, space, fibers and waste for one human being
  3. An EU-measurement

Which was the first country in the East bloc to incorporate an environmental protection goal in its constitution?

  1. Romania
  2. Hungary
  3. Czechoslovakia

Is reindeer herding a sustainable strategy?

  1. No, it used to be but it is no longer.
  2. Yes, the reindeer utilize resources otherwise unused.
  3. Yes, reindeer are environmental friendly.

Sustainable development means that:

  1. Societies last longer.
  2. Allows for long-term use of natural resources.
  3. The perpetual growth of companies.

In the future knowledge on environmental problems will be of limited value.

  1. True, all major environmental problems will be solved.
  2. No, knowledge on good healh and food for all is much more important.
  3. Yes, managing protecting and resoring the environment is an essential part of the future.
Source: www.balticuniv.uu.se
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