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July 13, 2016
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Approximately 44 percent of environmental scientists and specialists are employed by the Federal, State, and local governments. A bachelor’s degree earned in a physical or life science is required for most entry level positions. A master’s degree is desirable. The future job market for environmental scientists and specialists is very good, especially for environmental health care employees in the State and local government area.

Nature of the Work for Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health

Environmental scientists and specialists use their knowledge of the sciences to identify problems and finding answers that will reduce hazards to the environment. They look for ways to clean and preserve the environment by analyzing and observing the air, food, water and soil. The work of environmental scientists and specialists involves understanding issues involving degradation, recycling replenishment, and conservation of the environment. Monitoring waste disposal sites and preserving water supplies is another responsibility while writing assessments of changes in the environment due to construction or environmental changes.

Regulations by the Federal, State and local governments provide regulations to make sure that the air is clean to breathe, the water is safe to drink, and that there are no dangerous materials in the soil. Other regulations include limits on development or construction, especially near parts of the ecosystem that are sensitive. The environmental scientist and specialist works to ensure these regulations are enforced while others work to ensure the safety of the population by monitoring risks of disease and health hazards.

Source: www.campusexplorer.com
Joanne Frost - Environmental Scientist
Joanne Frost - Environmental Scientist
Career Advice on becoming an Environmental Scientist by
Career Advice on becoming an Environmental Scientist by ...
Environmental Specialist
Environmental Specialist

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