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March 23, 2016
Environmental Science And

ScienceSaurus® Student Handbooks are a multipurpose and adaptable resource for a variety of classroom uses including supporting core basal or science kit programs, as well as extending literacy time. With dynamic visuals and clear explanations, ScienceSaurus offers a great way to engage students while helping to build their literacy and vocabulary.

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Science & Engineering Leveled Readers

Science and Engineering Leveled Readers let teachers bring engaging science and engineering content to their students at appropriate levels, while helping students build confidence and a strong learning foundation. These brand new Leveled Readers, from ScienceFusion authors Marjorie Frank, Michael DiSpezio, and Michael Heithaus, were specifically written to address and maximize student comprehension of the Next Generation Science Standards.*

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Holt Science & Technology

Holt Science & Technology combines the content you need with an accessible design, student-friendly narrative, and vivid visuals. Activities are everywhere, encouraging students to get involved with the text and extend their understanding. Real-life features answer the "why" of science education by showing students that science is part of their everyday lives. (Grades 6–8)

Samplers: Life, Earth, Physical, Integrated, Short Courses

Decisions for Health

Decisions for Health promotes active exploration of health concepts, character building, and life skills by requiring students to apply what they learn within the context of the real world. Offering the most current health guidelines and statistics, including updated information about CPR, First Aid, and the USDA's MyPyramid, Decisions for Health also features multimedia and online resources to reinforce learning and ensure student interaction. (Grades 6–8)

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The latest edition of Dr. Stephen Nowicki's Biology is newly designed to strengthen and emphasize reading and vocabulary, with updated real-world connections, data analysis, and online resources. A robust selection of new animations, simulations, interactive whiteboard resources, review games, web resources, and videos have been added to the already exciting technology offerings.

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Environmental Science

Developed specifically for high school students, Environmental Science presents an unbiased approach to the environment, with comprehensive coverage of ecology, Earth science, health, and policy issues. Enhanced by a wealth of engaging online resources, hands-on labs and activities, and supportive review features, the program's visually appealing narrative helps students build skills for success in science. Dr. Michael Heithaus joins well-known biologist Karen Arms as co-author for this edition.

ScienceFusion ScienceSaurus
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