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January 26, 2016
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publishes articles of outstanding scientific quality. Each article is reviewed by two referees. The journal welcomes papers from a wide range of countries. This journal publishes original papers, review articles and short communications related to all fields of aerospace research, fundamental and applied, potential applications of which are clearly related to:
• The design and the manufacture of aircraft, helicopters, missiles, launchers and satellites
• The control of their environment
• The study of various systems they are involved in, as supports or as targets.

Authors are invited to submit papers on new advances in the following topics to aerospace applications:
• Fluid dynamics
• Energetics and propulsion
• Materials and structures
• Flight mechanics
• Navigation, guidance and control
• Acoustics
• Optics
• Electromagnetism and radar
• Signal and image processing
• Information processing
• Data fusion
• Decision aid
• Human behaviour
• Robotics and intelligent systems
• Complex system engineering.

Targeted aerospace applications in the above topics include the following:
• Air vehicle engineering
• Space vehicle and satellite engineering
• Environment
• Air defence systems
• Aerial recognition and defence
• Aerospace contribution to C4ISR systems
• Aerospace science in Network Centric Warfare
• Aerospace electronic warfare
• Air transport systems
• Air Traffic Management

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