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March 11, 2016
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Overview of Available Online Environmental Studies Degrees

Environmental studies degrees are available at the, , , , and level in both traditional and distance learning settings. The education level you'll need in environmental studies will largely depend on the career you plan to pursue after graduating. Associate degree programs in environmental studies concentrate on basic forestry, resources, and energy conservation. They take approximately two years to earn and are primarily used as a prerequisite for a bachelor's degree.

An accredited bachelor's degree program will require a four-year commitment and will include classes in political science, communications, business, basic math and science, the national park system, global warming, conservation efforts, and wildlife threats. The master's degree in environmental science is an interdisciplinary graduate program, focusing on the natural environment and environmental problems. Students in these programs learn about environmental threats in different regions, the natural science principles behind environmental problems, and policy issues surrounding environmental protection.

Online Associate Degrees in Environmental Studies

Graduates of environmental studies associate degree programs are equipped with a foundation in topics such as environmental organisms, management of natural resources, and the effects of human dealings on the environment. These types of programs often blend classroom instruction with laboratory work, so if you're researching distance education options, make sure to look into whether or not there are in-person classroom hours required. Examples of core classes may include life cycles, biology, botany, pollution, reproduction, microorganisms, energy resources, climate patterns, erosion, food webs, and cell structures. Several programs also feature internship opportunities that enable individuals to gain real-world experience in the field. The National Association of Environmental Professionals also offers several career development opportunities for student members, such as continued education and scholarships.

Associate degrees have minimal admission requirements. Some students who have earned their associate degrees in environmental studies may be hired as environmental technicians in laboratories, local or federal government facilities, engineering firms, or consulting services corporations. However, many graduates choose to go to pursue bachelor's degrees in hopes of entering advanced positions in the field.

Online Bachelor's Degrees in Environmental Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in environmental studies provides an interdisciplinary look at ecology, earth science, biology, geology, and other natural and social sciences. Students begin the degree with introductory courses in environmental science, which discuss basic scientific principles and major issues in environmental studies today. These four-year programs explore the science of the earth from many different angles and often include coursework in pollution, water resources, ecosystems, and methods of protection, management, and restoration of environments. Other courses include public policy, climate change, and environmental law, as environmental scientists are often involved in crafting regulations surrounding environmental use.

Bachelor's degrees also include an array of general education courses in topics like math, statistics, humanities, and other liberal arts areas. Communications courses, including English, history, and composition are important for environmental studies students. Some schools allow students to earn credits by participating in internships with local environmental agencies and organizations.

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