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February 16, 2016
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What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Environmental Scientist in Seattle:


Note: My experience is limited to consulting for a medium-sized but high end national firm. There may not be as much room for growth as you think, without an advanced degree. If you are out of college, expect to do a lot of boring grunt work for not much thanks. You must be your own advocate and gracefully but consistently push for opportunities that interest you. If you are a creative person you may end up hating this job. You may not end up making as much money as you think. You will be exposed to a diverse array of work, but none of it is that complex or interesting.

Environmental Scientist in Philadelphia:

"Need to be attention to detail and writing."

Be proactive, be able to give information on time to supervisor, Know what you are doing.

Environmental Scientist in San Diego:

"Engineers Make Much More Than Biologists Doing The Same Job."

If you don't believe in the cause, do something else. You will not make a lot of money in this job and there are lots of road blocks to being successful in reaching environmental goals but it is worth it when you reach a goal if you believe in the cause.

Source: www.payscale.com
Entry Level Science Jobs Charlotte - SciencesCrossing.Com
Entry Level Science Jobs Charlotte - SciencesCrossing.Com
Environmental Scientist
Environmental Scientist

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